Election Management System

Adminstration Module

Konnech’s Administration module supports the Election Management System setup and integration with other programs and processes.

The administration module allows for the efficient management of:

  • Electoral roll data
  • Electoral division maps
  • Non-government elections
  • Electoral events

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Event Module

Konnech’s Event Module simplifies election logistics through an online dashboard that allows users to create new electoral events as well as access critical data from current and historical events.

Through its ‘Business as Usual’ portal, authorised users can access information relating to:

  • Election assets
  • Candidates and political parties
  • Election administrations
  • Electorates and voting centres
  • Election staff modules

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Elector Preparation Module

Konnech’s Elector Preparation Module provides efficient management of current and historic electoral roll data and allows for election authorities to confirm voter identity and send important election updates.

The online portal synchronises with other EMS modules to confirm electoral roll mark-offs as well as postal vote applications and the scrutiny of provisional and postal votes.

The secure module has been designed to ensure data integrity and with user permission setting to control access to defined elector records such as silent voters.

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Election Event Website Module

Konnech’s Election Event Website Module is an online portal that provides information about current election events, election night results by electorate, as well as election event statistics and data.

Through this portal, members of the public can:

  • check enrolment status
  • access essential election information including key dates
  • apply for a postal vote and track its delivery time
  • find information about candidates and how-to-vote cards
  • search polling booth locations
  • view electorate maps

Candidates can use the portal to:

  • submit nomination forms
  • upload key documents such as how to vote cards
  • manage campaign funding disclosures
  • communicate with electoral commission staff

The portal links to information on election employment opportunities and allows election officers to complete training and submit timesheets.

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Voting Service Module

Konnech’s Voting Service Module provides a one-stop-shop for managing and tracking voting processes and ensures all votes are properly added to the election night count.

Specifically, this module allows for:

  • Checking elector statuses
  • Postal vote application and ballot tracking
  • Telephone voting
  • Scrutiny of different ballot types
  • Printing of ballot papers
  • Viewing of voting statistics and compliance

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Postal Voting Service Module

Konnech’s Postal Voting Module allows voters to apply for postal vote electronically or via telephone. Applications made through this module are synchronised to Konnech’s Voting Module.

With powerful, easy-to-use scanning tools, users can scrutinise a high volume of physical postal declaration votes, upholding electoral integrity.

The module allows all accepted postal vote applications to be sent for printing on demand.

It also offers an easy-to-use scrutiny system which simplifies determining eligibility of returned completed postal ballots.

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Telephone Voting Support Module

Konnech’s Telephone Voting Module provides an audited telephone voting system that offers a seamless and convenient process for voters and ensures votes are recorded confidentially and correctly.

Through this module, voters applying for a telephone vote receive a registration number and PIN which they can provide to Telephone Voting operators to validate their enrolment without providing any personal details.

Telephone voting operators see the voter's ballot and record their vote.

Once the ballot has been confirmed, it is printed and added to a ballot box, with the reconciliation tool ensuring the ballot is added to the count.

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Voting Centre Management Module

Konnech’s Voting Centre Management Module offers busy polling place workers a friendly, fast, and reliable system to manage the multitude of tasks on election day.

Available on both Windows and Android devices, it provides functions to:

  • run start-of-day checks
  • print ballots, DVE2 forms, etc
  • manage the sealing and unsealing of ballot boxes
  • submit polling place counts
  • provide incident and venue reporting

Information recorded in this module is immediately synced to Konnech’s Voting Service and Results Reporting modules, providing for the easy tracking of election progress, both through the early voting periods and on election day.

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Results Reporting Module

Konnech’s Results Module is a secure and intuitive platform for results data-entry, allowing Returning Officers to record results data throughout the entire count process, and providing election staff with proper oversight and control of the final declaration and data released to the public.

Compliant with different voting protocols from across the world, this module can be configured to meet specific counting and results processes.

Integration with Konnech’s Voting Centre Management Module automatically transfers election night counts from voting centres so helping to prevent errors in results data entry.

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Staff Module

Konnech’s Staff Module allows users to quickly process temporary election staff - from hiring to payroll.

With this module users can:

  • manage staff applications
  • assign staff to positions based on different electorate
  • send mass communications to selected groups
  • manage payroll
  • record and approve timesheets
  • allocate training

This module allows people applying for election event jobs to submit expressions of interest, accept offers and submit their timesheets from Konnech’s Election Event Website.

Konnech’s Training System allows users to provide temporary election staff with training materials, assign them to classes, and track their progress.

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Electorates and Voting Centre Module

Konnech’s Electorates and Voting Centre Module simplifies the management of voting centres and other venues and linking them to specific electorates, providing for accurate, cost-effective and on-going planning of elections.

With this module, any new electoral event created automatically populates the event dataset with polling places, resources and work assignments based on the planning data already established.

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Candidate and Party Module

Konnech’s Candidate & Party Module has been designed to process political party, local group and candidate applications.

Users of this module can:

  • view and maintain political parties and local groups
  • process candidate nominations submitted physically or via the Self-Service Portal
  • manage campaign funding and disclosure submissions
  • upload and scrutinise HTV cards
  • validate candidates' eligibility to stand for an election using the electoral roll
  • track quarterly reporting from political parties

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Asset Module

Konnech’s Asset Module allows users to monitor, control and track critical election items.

This module supports election officials with:

  • bar coding
  • communication
  • equipment testing
  • route creation
  • tracking functionality

This module’s functionality can be enhanced with the support of the Konnech’s Records Management Module using the integrated database.

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Help Desk Module

Konnech’s Help Desk Module is designed to document in-coming issues reported by election staff and the public.

With this module issues can be assigned to technical specialists and tracked to ensure that matters of concern are handled efficiently and effectively.

This module allows for notifications to be sent to specialists via email, text or phone and allows for immediate tracking of issue statistics.

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Compliance with Australian and Queensland legislative requirements.

With a strong focus on data integrity, Konnech systems are configured to meet specific legislative and logistical requirements.

Konnech Australia complies with:

  • Electoral and Other Legislation Amendment Act (Qld) 2020
  • Local Government Act (Qld) 2009
  • Information Privacy Act (Qld) 2009
  • Right to Information Act (Qld) 2009
  • Public Records Act (Qld) 2002
  • Electoral Act (Qld) 1992